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Dean Moss

Brooklyn, NY

Born 1954, Tacoma, Washington

Performance and Video Artist

I like science: biology, philosophy, quantum mechanics, stuff like that. I'm not so good socially. I like sex, but people are an acquired taste. I'm aging and think of mortality, of loss. Concepts interest me. Imagery interests me. Activities of falling involve me. I like doing. I like to do all, all at once. It's unconscious and confusing. I make mistakes. I panic. There's a fair amount of pain, physical and otherwise, and bliss...

Like blackfaced Astaire tapping a tattoo to Bill "Bojangles" Robinson while Noam Chomsky questions Cartesian concepts of body and Ginger asks, "How do you like my dress?" She doesn't mean what she says, she means something else, something about bodies and falling and loss and sex and science. She means something about simultaneity and something vaguely sinister, like what Einstein used to call "spooky action at a distance" and I call dancing.

1979 Scholarship, Dance Theater of Harlem

1980-83 Freelance dancer: Louis Falco Dance Theater, American Dancemachine, Broadway revival of West Side Story, music videos.

1983-93 David Gordon Pick-Up Performance Company

1999-2004 Curator of Dance and Performance for The Kitchen, NYC.

2002 Founder, Gametophyte Inc., a performance and media production company

2003-04 Guest Professor, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

2007-present Lecturer, Harvard University, Dept. of Visual and Environmental Studies


2011 Nameless forest, a performance collaboration with sculptor, Sungmyung Chun; premieres at The Kitchen, NYC.

2008 Kisaeng becomes you, a performance collaboration with traditional dance choreographer Yoon Jin Kim; premiered at the 2008 Seoul International Dance Festival.

2007 States and Resemblance, a performance collaboration with photographer/actor Ryutaro Mishima, an ongoing in progress work, shown at Dance Theater Workshop, NYC.

2006 Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven, a secondary artist collaboration providing video and choreography for a play by writer/director Young Jean Lee. Premiered at Here Art Center, NYC.

2005 figures on a field, a performance collaboration with the visual artist Laylah Ali, exploring the consumption of art and power through the re-imagining of Ali's provocative "Greenhead" paintings. Premiered at The Kitchen, NYC.

2003 Shuffle, a secondary artist collaboration providing video and visual environment for a dance by performer/choreographer Yasuko Yokoshi. Premiered at PS 122, NYC.

2002 supplement, a meditation on dissolution and the body; The Kitchen, New York, NY.

2001 american deluxe, multidisciplinary group performance. A meditation on violence; commissioned by and performed at Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris, New York.

1999 Spooky Action at a Distance, a meditation on the film Swing Time (with Astaire & Rogers), quantum theory and identity; premiered at The Kitchen, New York.


2010 Asian Art Theater, Project Development Initiative

2010 National Endowment for the Arts

2010 New England Foundation for the Arts, National Dance Project Grant

2009, 2008, 2003 Multi-Art Production Fund Grants

2008, 2003 Asian Cultural Council Fellowship

2010, 2008 Maggie Allesee National Choreographic Center Residency

2007 Urban Artists Initiative Award

2006 Baxten Arts & Artists in Progress Award

2005, 1998 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship

1999 New York Dance and Performance BESSIE Award

Year Awarded 2001
Category Dance