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Douglas Messerli

Los Angeles, CA

Born 1947, Waterloo, Iowa

Over the years I have come to understand my work more as a performative act than a series of discrete writings. My publishing (both on Sun & Moon Press and Green Integer) is part of my poetic activity, as well as my fictions, performative works, dramas and collections of poetry. Just as publishing is an activity of community (a community of the author, publisher, editor and readers) so has my writing been primarily a series of community or communal actions. The very subtitles of my works -- "A Dialogue," "An Opera for Spoken Voices," "A Fiction for Film in Poetry," -- reveal the performative and communal qualities of the works. And more recently, I have written works that actually involve other poet friends and their writing. Simultaneously, my work explores, through numerous pseudonyms, the communities of oneself, the different aspects of a single being.

1974, 1979 M.A., Ph.D., University of Maryland

1969 B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Publisher, Writer, Professor


2003 (as Kier Peters) A Dog Tries to Kiss the Sky: Seven Short Plays. Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press.

2002 Bow Down, poetry, with John Baldessari. Piacenza, Italy: ML & NLF.

2000, 1996, 1993 The Structure of Destruction: A Trilogy, film, performance, fiction. Vols. 1-3. Los Angeles: Littoral Books.

1993 Vol. 1, Along Without: A Fiction for Film in Poetry

1996 Vol. 2, The Walls Come True: An Opera for Spoken Voices

2000 Vol. 3 (as Joshua Haigh), Letters from Hanusse

1998 After, poetry. Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press.

1988 Maxims from My Milk/Hymns to Him: A Dialogue, poetry. Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press.

1985 River to Rivet: A Manifesto, poetry. Washington, D.C.: Sun & Moon Press.

1982 Some Distance, poetry. New York: Segue Books.

1979 Dinner on the Lawn, poetry. College Park, MD: Sun & Moon Press.


2003 Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres, France

1998 American Book Award for Publishing

1994 The Harry Ford Editing Award

1987 The Carey-Thomas-- Publishers Weekly Award

Year Awarded 2002
Category Poetry
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