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John Godfrey

Lives in New York, NY

Born 1945, Massena, NY


I am a poet who writes poems since 1963. I attend to it daily. There are my roots and all the transient influences. There are my habits and my tastes, and there's who I am, especially when I don't know it. I've felt strong analogous ties to the arts of jazz and cinema. My daily life as a Nurse Clinician contributes the bulk of my social life, and in my case it is in otherwise inaccessible places with segregated people. There's an endless more to it, but really it's about practice. I don't aim my poems. At this point, I value economy. I instinctively stretch associations. I prefer the poem to be read as something of a meditation on the move. I want the poem to express the amount of attention I pay. My goal in a poem is to have my movement. Occasionally I do.

1994 B.S., School of Nursing, Columbia University

1967 A.B., Princeton University

1974-1975; 1982-1983 Leader, Poetry Workshops, The Poetry Project


2008 City of Corners. Seattle, WA: Wave Books

2003 Private Lemonade. New York, NY: Adventures in Poetry

2001 Push the Mule. Great Barrington, MA: The Figures

1998 Midnight On Your Left. Great Barrington, MA: The Figures

1984 Where the Weather Suits My Clothes. Calais, VT: Z Press

1982 Dabble. New York, NY: Full Court Press

1976 Music of the Curbs. New York, NY: Adventures in Poetry

1973 Three Poems. New York, NY: Bouwerie Editions

1971 26 Poems. New York, NY: Adventures in Poetry


1986, 1989 Fund for Poetry Awards

1984 Poetry Fellow of the General Electric Foundation

Year Awarded 2009
Category Poetry
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