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September 25 – 28
Ralph Lemon
2012 Grantee, Dance
Okwui Okpokwasili
2014 Grantee, Dance
Marina Rosenfeld
2011 Grantee, Music/Sound
Scaffold Room
Scaffold Room, a “lecture-performance-musical” conceived and directed by Ralph Lemon and performed by Okwui Okpokwasili and April Matthis, refracts ideas and images of the female artist in American pop and contemporary art culture.  The piece’s sound score is created live by Marina Rosenfeld.  The public is also invited to observe Scaffold Room during installation and rehearsals, September 16 – 24.
Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN

Through December
Guido van der Werve
2009 Grantee, Visual Arts
Room by Room: Monographic presentations from the Faulconer and Rachofsky collections
Artwork by Van der Werve is featured in a group exhibition.
The Warehouse, Dallas, Texas

Through January 4
William Pope.L
2002 Grantee, Performance Art/Theater
Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Arts
Pope.L’s Costume Made of Nothing, a durational performance work, is presented as part of the group exhibition “Radical Presence.”
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

September 5
Annie Gosfield
2008 Grantee, Music/Sound
Uphill Slides and Knockdown Dives
Gosfield’s work Uphill Slides and Knockdown Dives
is performed by Matthew Gold (percussion) and Nat Parke (cello) of the Williams Chamber Players.
Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall, Williams College, Williamstown, MA

September 5
Cauleen Smith
2014 Grantee, Visual Arts
Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium: Sounding Futures
Cauleen Smith is the keynote speaker at the 2014 Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium.
University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

September 6
John Bischoff
1999 Grantee, Music/Sound
James Fei
2014 Grantee, Music/Sound
David Wessel and composers from the CCM at Mills
A concert of works by David Wells and Mills Center for Contemporary Music composers Maggi Payne, Guillermo Galindo, James Fei, and John Bischoff.
Mills College, Oakland, CA

September 7; October 11; October 17; October 21
Annie Gosfield
2008 Grantee, Music/Sound
Shattered Apparitions of the Western Wind
Gosfield’s recent piece for piano and electronics is imagined as a hallucinatory duet between Hurricane Sandy and Claude Debussy, commissioned as part of the "Digital Debussy" project.  It will be performed by Kathleen Supové throughout the West Coast this fall.
September 7: Fear No Music Festival, Brunish Theater, Portland, OR
October 11: P.I.E, Los Angeles, CA
October 17: Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA
October 21: Outpost Concert Series at Culver Center for the Arts, University of California—Riverside, Riverside, CA

September 10; November 21; December 4
David Grubbs
2006 Grantee, Music/Sound
WOODSLIPPERCOUNTERCLATTER is poet Susan Howe's and composer David Grubbs's fourth collaboration, a sound-work that germinates from new, unpublished text collages by Howe, combined with the resonant sounds of the piano and field recordings made in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The work will be performed in three cities this fall.
September 10: ICA Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
November 21: Fulton Recital Hall, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
December 4: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, MA

September 11
Faye Driscoll
2013 Grantee, Dance
Artist Talk: Faye Driscoll
Driscoll discusses the development of her work Thank you for Coming as part of her fellowship at Wesleyan University.  The event is open to the public.
Cross Street Dance Studio, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

September 19 – 20
Vicky Shick
2006 Grantee, Dance
Everything You See
Everything You See is a collaboration between Vicky Shick (choreography), Barbara Kilpatrick (costume and set design) and Elise Kermani (sound design). The audience sits on opposite sides of a semi-transparent fiberglass mesh curtain that horizontally bisects the stage, revealing two dances performed simultaneously.
American Dance Institute, Rockville, MD

September 20
Faye Driscoll
2013 Grantee, Dance
You're Me (Redux)
Part of the inaugural On Edge Festival, Driscoll will present an excerpted version of You’re Me, originally conceived as an evening-length duet which premiered at The Kitchen.
Center Stage Theater, Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

September 25 – 27
Jonah Bokaer
2006 Grantee, Dance
Bokaer presents the world premiere of Fragments.
Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, Salt Lake City, UT

September 27 – December 12
Rochelle Feinstein
1999 Grantee, Visual Arts
Dona Nelson
2011 Grantee, Visual Arts
Making Sense
Artwork by Dona Nelson and Rochelle Feinstein is featured in a group painting exhibition.
University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa, FL

October 9
Miguel Gutierrez
2010 Grantee, Dance
Storing the Winter with Mind Over Mirrors (aka Jaime Fennelly)
Gutierrez performs his dance work with Jaime Fennelly.
La Esquina/Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City, MO

October 10
David Grubbs
2006 Grantee, Music/Sound
One, and One Less
One, and One Less is a performance and subsequent exhibition created by composers and multi-instrumentalists David Grubbs and Eli Keszler.  It is the first installment of the List Visual Arts Center’s “Opening Tunings” exhibition series.
List Visual Arts Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

October 12 – November 2
Lin Hixson/ Matthew Goulish
2014 Grantee, Performance Art/Theater
Caesar’s Bridge
Every house has a door’s platform/object installation and performance, a collaboration with sculptor Ilie Paun Capriel, is on view at Julius Caesar Gallery.
Julius Caesar Gallery, Chicago, IL

October 14
Cauleen Smith
2014 Grantee, Visual Arts
Artist talk
Cauleen Smith gives a talk at the University of Texas-Austin.  Further details to be announced.
University of Texas-Austin, Austin, TX

October 16 – January 31
Allison Smith
2008 Grantee, Visual Arts
Set Dressing
Smith’s solo exhibition “Set Dressing” features a new series of photographic works printed on linen, culled from over ten years of documenting Living History Museums across the United States. 
The Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL

October 27
John Bischoff
1999 Grantee, Music/Sound
The Songlines Series: The Hub
A concert of music by the legendary computer network band The Hub performed by composers John Bischoff, Chris Brown, Tim Perkis, Mark Trayle, Phil Stone, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, and Matt Ingalls.
Ensemble Room, Mills College, Oakland, CA

November 7
Annie Gosfield
2008 Grantee, Music/Sound
Phantom Shakedown
Phantom Shakedown for piano and electronics is performed at Technosonics XV: Found Sound.
Old Cabell Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

November 7 – 8
Stephen Petronio
1999 Grantee, Dance
Into the Maze
The Stephen Petronio Company performs Into the Maze, a site-specific dance work within the Parrish Art Museum’s installation of Alan Shields’ MAZE.
Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, NY

November 10
Cauleen Smith
2014 Grantee, Visual Arts
Cauleen Smith: Craft, Research, and Improvisation
Cauleen Smith speaks about her recent projects commissioned for galleries and public spaces loosely inspired by Sun Ra and the psychogeography of several American cities.
Brooks M. O'Brien Auditorium, Landmark College, Putney, VT

November 11
John Bischoff
1999 Grantee, Music/Sound
The Active Music Series: John Bischoff + Luna Ensemble + Rubber ((O)) Cement
John Bischoff performs a solo set of electronic works featuring analog circuits and laptop synthesis running in tandem.
Uptown Nightclub, Oakland, CA

November 14; 21 – 22
Steve Paxton
1994 Grantee, Dance
Composing Forward: The Art of Steve Paxton
This multifaceted mini-festival celebrates the work of legendary dancer and choreographer Steve Paxton
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

November 16 – 23
Tere O’Connor
2001 Grantee, Dance
Open For(um): Irreconcilability
On the Boards partners with Velocity Dance Center in a celebration of choreographer Tere O’Connor, surrounding performances of his seminal suite of works: BLEED, poem, and Secret Mary, and Sister.
On the Boards, Seattle, Washington

November 22
Jin Hi Kim
2001 Grantee, Music/Sound
Solo performance
Jin Hi Kim gives a solo komungo performance based on body energy.
Harrison House, Joshua Tree, CA

November 23
Steve Paxton
1994 Grantee, Dance
Talking Dance with Steve Paxton
An informative and performative dialogue with dancer/choreographer Steve Paxton.
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

December 4 – 7
Rashaun Mitchell
2013 Grantee, Dance
Performance was choreographed by Rashaun Mitchell for dancers Silas Riener, Cori Kresge, and Hirkoi Ichinose in collaboration with music by singer/songwriter Stephin Merritt and visual artist Ali Naschke-Messing.
REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA

December 16
Annie Gosfield
2008 Grantee, Music/Sound
Brooklyn, October 5, 1941
Gosfield’s piece for piano, baseballs, and catcher's mitt will be part of a program at the new music series "Piano Spheres" at the Redcat Theater, performed by Aron Kallay. 
Redcat Theater, Los Angeles, CA