FCA Emergency Grants COVID-19 Fund

If you are seeking support for an upcoming performance or exhibition opportunity, you may be eligible for a normal Emergency Grant. Please visit the Emergency Grants page for eligibility requirements. If you have previously received a grant via the FCA Emergency Grants COVID-19 Fund, you are still eligible for an Emergency Grant.


  • In accordance with our mission, FCA will continue to focus its support on artists making work of a contemporary, experimental nature. If you are unsure about whether your work is experimental, you can see other artists we have supported on our Instagram and our website.
  • Relief will be provided to artists who can demonstrate that they have lost income from a performance or exhibition opportunity that has been canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Applicants must be individual artists, or an individual representing an artist collective, ensemble, or group. Curators, producers, workshop organizers, organizations, or arts presenters are not eligible to apply.
  • Currently, this fund is focused on providing support to choreographers, composers, playwrights, directors, visual artists, and poets, and cannot support dancers, actors, ensemble members, or designers who were working on a canceled or postponed project of work that is not their own; we recognize the vital contributions that performers, artist assistants, designers, and others make to the field. You can find other resources that include support to those artists here.
  • We recognize that many artists are experiencing significant losses associated with lost commercial sales, but our panelists have been prioritizing applicants who demonstrate loss of income related to non-commercial presenting opportunities.
  • Applicants must be living in the United States or U.S. territories
  • Applicants cannot be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program
  • For the purpose of providing COVID-19 relief, we are temporarily suspending the three year waiting period between grants. If you have received a grant from the Foundation in the past three years you may apply for COVID-19 relief.

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FCA Emergency Grants COVID-19 Fund Guidelines

Iris Yirei Hu received an FCA Emergency Grants COVID-19 Fund relief grant when her research project The Song of the Blue People was postponed.