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Holland Andrews

Holland Andrews looks directly into the camera. Their face is in sharp focus against a softly blurred background. They are wearing a bright red top and bright blue pendular earrings.
Photo by Ariel Crocker.
  • 2023 Grants to Artists
  • Music/Sound
  • Composer, Performer, Vocalist, Improviser
  • Born 1988, Orange, CA
  • Lives in Brooklyn, NY
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Artist Statement

Emotionality, spirit, and transformations are the foundation of my composition and performance style; the kind that triggers a cathartic experience—this is where I dwell as an artist. Something that is paramount to me holistically, as an individual, is being a vessel of healing, limitless compassion, and transmutation of suffering into bliss within my own body. Through playing with sonic dissonance and resonance with voice and clarinet, I attempt to live this intent. My fire under my path forward is the endless pursuit of mastering the transmission of that healing to others as authentically and effectively as possible in all of my work.

- December 2022


Holland Andrews is an extended technique vocalist, composer, performer, and improviser who is driven by their passion for dismantling and transforming internal oppressive systems into cathartic freedom. Their ever-evolving process celebrates failure and stems from a self-guided rigor that is expressed through sounding, singing, composing, and speaking. Andrews arranges music for voice, clarinet, and electronics, harnessing the power of these instruments to address themes of vulnerability and healing. Primarily a self-taught vocalist, Andrews has roots in the experimental DIY music scene. Their influences span contemporary opera, theater, and jazz, which they integrate with language disintegration and vocal distortion to create their own unique style.

In 2021, Andrews signed with the Berlin-based record label LEITER Verlag, founded by Felix Grimm and Nils Frahm. The label has released a series of EPs by Andrews, including Doubtless (2022) and Wordless/Forgetting (2021), which draw upon electronic and organic sources, including clarinet, Andrews’s vocals, and field recordings, to build layered and dissonant soundscapes. Andrews previously performed solo music under the stage name Like a Villain.  

Andrews has toured nationally and internationally and performed at Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York, NY (2021); Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s Time-Based Art Festival, Portland, OR (2021); and ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn, NY (2020), among others.

In addition to creating solo work, they have collaborated with Son Lux (as a featured artist on the track “Sever”), William Brittelle, Christina Vantzou, Ryan Lott, West Dylan Thordson, Peter Broderick, and Nils Frahm. Andrews’s collaborative work with dance and theater artists includes Is It Thursday Yet? by Jenn Freeman and Sonya Tayeh (2023); Outwalkers by Moya Michael (2022); Afterwardsness by Bill T. Jones (2020); and Unwanted by Dorothée Munyaneza (2019).

Andrews has received a Pioneer Works Music Residency (2021) and an Art Matters Fellowship (2020), and was an ISSUE Project Room Artist-in-Residence (2020).  

Holland Andrews faces left, bathed in blue light, singing into two microphones with their eyes closed. Both of their hands are slightly raised.
Holland Andrews in performance at Zebulon, Los Angeles, 2022. Photo by Indra Dunis.
A black and white image of Holland Andrews in front of a mixing board and microphone. Their mouth is wide open, singing, and their eyes are looking upward.
Holland Andrews in performance at AB Salon in Brussels, Belgium, 2021. Photo by Geert Coppen.
Four screens are hanging in a square, illuminated with images of Holland Andrews in various stages of performance. There are black bean bag seats on the ground in between the screens.
Installation view of Mariah Garnett's Dreamed this Gateway at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Houston, TX, 2022. Photo by Sean Fleming, courtesy of Mariah Garnett and Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles.
Holland Andrews stands against a blue background. One hand holds a clarinet and the other rests on a mixing board. In front of them are two microphones. Their eyes are closed and their head is faced downward. They are wearing a button down top with an unbuttoned grey textured blazer.
Performance still from Cove of Harmony at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s Time-Based Art Festival, Portland, OR, 2022. Photo by DJ Schaler.

"Wordless," from Wordless EP (LEITER Verlag, 2020).

"Surrender," from Doubtless EP (LEITER Verlag, 2022).

"Doubtless," from Doubtless EP (LEITER Verlag, 2022).