COVID-19 Relief Grants

Administered as a subset of FCA’s longtime Emergency Grants program, the FCA COVID-19 Bridge Fund provides one-time, $1,500 emergency relief grants for experimental artists who have pressing financial needs. The Bridge Fund was created in April 2021 in response to feedback from presenters and artists in FCA’s community about the shifting needs of artists one year into the pandemic. 

Recognizing that many artists do not typically have commitments from venues more than twelve months out and that the economic impact of the pandemic has extended beyond canceled artistic work, the FCA COVID-19 Bridge Fund is designed to help experimental artists with urgent financial needs while alleviating the burden of filling out labor-intensive applications. The program is intended to aid artists experiencing housing insecurity, food insecurity, sustained unemployment or loss of work, or who may be ineligible for government stimulus programs or unemployment, have medical expenses relating to COVID-19, or are experiencing other forms of economic instability.

In the spirit of FCA’s “Artists for Artists” ethos, FCA is working with community partners, including past artist grantees and arts organizations, to refer artists in their communities who align with FCA’s mission and are in need of support. This referral process helps staff to determine eligibility without the need for work samples and respond more swiftly to artists who apply.

Artists who are referred by these community partners are then invited to apply to the Bridge Fund through a short application designed to quickly confirm mission alignment and identify financial need/hardship.

As with every FCA grant program, applications are reviewed and processed by artists on staff, and grants are determined by an all-artist panel at remote meetings.

Because this program relies on community partners, FCA cannot accept unsolicited referrals or applications for this program.

If you have questions about the FCA COVID-19 Bridge Fund that are not answered above, you may direct them to Laura Cadena at FCA has a small Programs team and, while staff members will do their best to respond to inquiries in a timely manner, we appreciate your patience if you experience a delay in response time.