Jane Logemann, Fog - Korean, 2021
Jane Logemann, Fog - Korean, 2021
Jane Logemann, Fog - Korean, 2021

Jane Logemann
Fog - Korean
Watercolor, pencil, and ink on black Arches paper
17 x 15 inches


About the Work

In language works such as Water – Japanese, Fog – Korean, and Rose – Russian, Jane Logemann pushes past the simple literal meaning of a word, to make the repeated modules of the letters themselves a visual image and sensory experience. These pen and ink units on top of watercolors create a mesmerizing aesthetic of pattern and form. The artist has painted abstractly since 1968 and in this series establishes a visual dialogue between letters, the words they comprise, and the poetry of abstraction. She goes beyond the denotations of words by using the letters themselves as forms that move to the infinite rhythms of life and are perceived as such. Thus, any differences in the parent languages that spell out Water, Fog, Rose and larger cultural and contextual differences that they may represent become evanescent before the spiritual and mystical experience of these visual affirmations that provide a different, innovative, and refreshing way of seeing—and understanding. This is an ongoing series, “words of nature.”


This artwork is in excellent condition. The surface of the paper is uneven, inherent to the watercolor medium.

This work was donated by the artist in support of FCA's grant programs.