Board of Directors

Portrait of Cecily Brown with brown curly short hair, dressed in a black and white striped shirt and jeans. Behind them abstract paintings with artist materials on the floor.
Cecily Brown


Photo by Mark Hartman

Anne Collier with light red hair swept back from the wind and blue eyes, wears a white shirt underneath a gray jacket with silver button on the right side and on the left a patch with the letter “RS” mirrored. A gold delicate chain necklace sits on top of the shirt.
Anne Collier


Portrait of a smiling Anthony B. Creamer III dressed in a light blue button-up with a striped red and black necktie underneath a black suit, with orange/blonde hair graying on the sides and blue eyes.
Anthony B. Creamer III


Profile portrait of Agnes Gund with blonde short hair, dressed in a black shirt and gold watch on the left arm. Agnes Gund sits on a table looking into an open book with the picture of a figure with their face cut by the page, dressed in a red and gold gown with jewelry – the other page consists of text on a white background.
Agnes Gund

Director Emerita

Photo © Annie Leibovitz

Portrait of Jasper Johns leaning forward with intertwined fingers on the edge of a surface. He wears a blue button-up - gray hair, strong brows, and blue eyes.
Jasper Johns

Chairman Emeritus

Photo by Sten-M. Rosenlund / Shutterstock

Portrait of a smiling Jennie Jones with short dark curly hair with a gray streak on the right front side, big square black glasses, and a textured black shirt.
Jennie C. Jones


Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg

Off-white rectangle.
Julian Lethbridge


Image of Richard Maxwell, standing, holding a dog in his arms in front of a mountainous backdrop.
Richard Maxwell


Photo by Dolores Vazquez Maxwell

Portrait of a smiling Moss Dean dressed in a black and white striped sleeveless shirt and short black graying hair with a matching goatee beard.
Dean Moss


Portrait of Okwui in black and white. She stands, with her hands raised in front of her chest, loosely joined together. Her head is tilted to the left but she looks directly into the camera.
Okwui Okpokwasili


Photo by Michael Avedon

Portrait of a smiling Emily Wei Rales with long straight black hair and a dark blue long sleeve dress. The arms are folded in front and they fashion a bright blue ring on the pinky of the left hand.
Emily Wei Rales


Matana Roberts
Matana Roberts


Photo by Evan Hunter McKnight

Portrait of James Welling with blue eyes, platinum blonde chin-length hair and beard, dressed in a black puffer jacket covering up to the chin and green framed glasses. A streak of the hair falls in front of the glasses, slightly covering the eye.
James Welling


Portrait of a sitting John Yau with white ear-length hair, dressed in thin framed circular glasses and a black suit with a matching button-up underneath. He holds a folding paper and a pen in his hands on a desk where two wine glasses are situated. Behind him a red wall with frames of different images and articles.
John Yau


Photo by Margaret Corporan


Black and white portrait of Kathleen Flynn smiling towards the camera, dressed in a dark shirt and thick framed glasses, with shoulder-length straight hair parted to the side.

Deputy Director

Portrait of Rebecca Hadley dressed in a black tank top, with short brown hair parted in the middle and green eyes standing in front of a gray wall.

Program Manager

Black and white portrait of Abigail Ring wearing a white shirt, she has sunglasses on top of her pushed back hair, smiling towards the camera

Development and Communications Associate

Portrait of Isai Soto in white collared shirt and blue paisley tie, he wears a tan cowboy hat in front of a wooden log wall

Administrative Assistant

Portrait of Kay Takeda wearing a black shirt and thick black-rimmed glasses, he hair sits on top of her shoulders

Executive Director

Black and white portrait of Alijah Webb in the middle of laughter, wearing a flower crown and a flower-detail white top.

Program Associate

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